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National Council Member
Renee Fulk To Be 
National Representative at
January Council Meeting
Renee Fulk of San Clemente, CA represents California on the National Council of Administration which governs the VFW Auxiliary between National Conventions.  Renee was installed at the 101st National Convention in Pittsburgh, PA.  She is serving a two year term as one of 28 representatives who make up the Council along with the top 7 National officers, the National Chief of Staff and the 4 Jr. Past National Presidents. A life member of Dana Point Auxiliary 9934 she has served in many capacities for the organization including Auxiliary, District and State President.  She joined on the eligibility of her husband Earl Fulk who served in the United Sates Navy 1966-70.  In her spare time she enjoys camping, fishing and the outdoors as well as movies.  She is also a life member of the VFW National Home for Children.  The Dept. of California welcomes Renee as our National Representative for our Voice of Democracy banquet and Council of Administration meeting in Sacramento January 22-24, 2016.
National Recruiter Week was October 18 - 24, 2015.  The Dept. of CA VFW Auxiliary participated in this event.  Saturday, October 17th, NCRT Stephanie Martin welcomed 30 people to a recruiter workshop at the Double Tree Hotel in Ontario, CA.  She was assited by State Recruiters Renee Fulk, Marilyn Peck and Maddie Cunningham Colston.  We were so happy to have our Dept. Pres. Kathy Walery in attendance - her first event since her bad fall at National Convention.
The State Recruiters had 3 large tables outside the conference room in the hotel which was beautifully decorated.  This was in hopes of getting the VFW members that were at the State Commander's Homecoming to sign up their male relatives.  We were able to sign up some new members.
Inside the conference room Stephanie opened with the Power Point presentation which was very well received.  We had a small group so we took questions as we went along.
State Cmdr. Bob Magner, State VFW Membership Chairman Jim Kokas and PSC Everett Martin were also in attendance.  
There were lots of questions, great role playing, and good feedback. We had 3 sets of role playing.  Dept. Soloist Julia Price, District 1 Pres. Lupe Duggins focused on a great theme - Julia was the potential member, Lupe the recruiter.  Lupe gathered information from Julia indicating she had 2 adult sons and her husband is a member of the VFW.  Although Julia tried to put off Lupe, Lupe won her over when to read more click here
A little history put together by PDP Lucille Cousins, "Fifty Golden Years of Service, 1925-1975".
"The American Veterans of Foreign Service was organized as a National Society in September, 1899 in Columbus, Ohio and chartered in October, 1899.  It was the parent unit with eligibility requirements practically the same as those of our present Veterans of Foreign Wars organization.  Auxiliaries were formed in various areas.  In 1909 Mrs. Weidemyer of Reading, Pennsylvania, appeared before the encampment by invitation and stated that the Ladies in Reading had formed a local Auxiliary to Willitto Post and wished to become a part of a National Auxiliary.  Favorable action was taken and the Commander-In-Chief issued a National Charter, August, 1913, in Denver, Colorado, the American Veterans of Foreign Service and the National Society of the Philippines joined forces and the following year the name Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States was chosen.  Nothing was done about an Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars until 1914 prior to the National Convention held in Pittsburgh.  At the Convention, the Commander-In-Chief Rice Means organized and obligated the Ladies Auxiliaries into a National Organization."  In 1921 the area of California to read more click here 
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