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E Mail at the Dept. Office has changed.  Please note it is now (Sherl) (Jan Monday)
NEWS ON BECOMING THE VFW AUXILIARY (From National Headquarters, Jan Owens, National Secretary Treasurer).  
Thank you for your patience as we have compiled as much information and answers as we could during this time.  Below are documents to help you all make this transition as smooth as possible.  A packet will be mailed to every Auxiliary nationwide with 3 sheets of membership cards (please use these moving forward) and all the documents below with an asterisk next to them.  In addition, all these documents will be available behind login under Officers Tools.  We ask that you distribute this information to your membership. The new emblem will be available in the Emblem Branding Center behind login by end of day Monday, August 24, 2015.
Please note:  All Departments, Districts, County Councils and Auxiliaries will eventually receive new Charters.  Be aware that this will be a lengthy process.  All current Charters may be retained by each level for historical purposes and need not be returned to National Headquarters.  Each Department will receive a package with all the Charters for their State for distribution.
Here is the information you need:
All membership materials are now available to order from National.
*Becoming the Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary ... click here
*2016 Fillable Membership Card ... click here
*Copy of the VFW Bylaw Change ... click here
*Revised Membership Application (REVISED 8/21/15) ... click here
*What You Need To Do ... click here
*Sample letter to IRS (if incorporated) ... click here
*Sample letter to IRS (if unincorporated) ... click here
*Sample 2016 dues reminder ... (corrected 8/23/15) ... click here
Remember, this all takes effect Friday, August 21, 2015 so let's sign up our male eligible members to the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Auxiliary.
Jr. Past Dept. President Marilyn Peck named Outstanding President in Division 10 ... Congratulations Marilyn
The following awards were received:
Americanism, Robyn King, 1st place in Division 10
Hospital, Dorothy Fisher, 1st place in Division 10
Scholarships, Oneita Billings, 1st Place in Division 10
Chief of Staff, Julie Williamson, Runner Up in Division 10
Veterans and Family Support, Laura Chermak, Runner Up in Division 10
Youth Activities, LaVerne Wilson, Runner Up in Division 10
A little history put together by PDP Lucille Cousins, "Fifty Golden Years of Service, 1925-1975".
"The American Veterans of Foreign Service was organized as a National Society in September, 1899 in Columbus, Ohio and chartered in October, 1899.  It was the parent unit with eligibility requirements practically the same as those of our present Veterans of Foreign Wars organization.  Auxiliaries were formed in various areas.  In 1909 Mrs. Weidemyer of Reading, Pennsylvania, appeared before the encampment by invitation and stated that the Ladies in Reading had formed a local Auxiliary to Willitto Post and wished to become a part of a National Auxiliary.  Favorable action was taken and the Commander-In-Chief issued a National Charter, August, 1913, in Denver, Colorado, the American Veterans of Foreign Service and the National Society of the Philippines joined forces and the following year the name Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States was chosen.  Nothing was done about an Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars until 1914 prior to the National Convention held in Pittsburgh.  At the Convention, the Commander-In-Chief Rice Means organized and obligated the Ladies Auxiliaries into a National Organization."  In 1921 the area of California to read more click here 
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