Dept. of California
VFW of the United States of America Aux.
MEMBERSHIP (5/27/16)- We are 288 members away from achieving 100% in the Dept. of CA.  Please make every attempt to get those continuous members' dues in and we will make it, not to mention new and rejoin. The National VFW Auxiliary has reached over 100% - the first time since 1993.  WE IN CALIFORNIA CAN DO IT TOO!!!!!!  
National Conductress Peggy Haake to be VFW Auxiliary
Dept. of CA
National Representative at our State Convention 
ATTENTION DISTRICT PRESIDENTS - Please be in uniform as well as your Sr. and Jr. Vice Presidents for our annual Flag Presentation on Saturday, June 11 at the State Convention in Sacramento. Remember to bring your small flags.  This is always a beautiful event - so please be in the area near the California Ballroom on Saturday at 8 a.m. to help line up properly.  Any questions may be directed to Mary Ryser, Dept. Conductress.  Thank you.

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